Apache ASL Trails
More than a full house; a full life.
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We could write a big long introduction about why we think you should live here at Apache ASL Trails,
but we thought it would be better if you heard it straight from our residents.

"It's been a long time where I can be part of an amazing community; it's so wonderful to have people to talk with."

"We really enjoy living here, because it is very safe. I say that because we moved from the Midwest and were looking for an area where we can stay for a long time and we love it here."

"I really love living here, good social programs. Also, we love the weather here in Tempe."

"My depression is gone and I'm much happier living in a Deaf community where my peers can understand me and I have a richer social life."

"My family and I knew that living in this building would be good, the secured entry with video access/TV has allowed me extra comfort and better communication with visitors."

"We were so worried about finding a place to live not only for me but for my dog, I love that you accepted me and my dog; we love it here."

"This is the best complex I ever lived in. The kitchen in my apartment is wonderful."

"Whenever I have a work-order or request assistance with my apartment the maintenance is excellent."


"Thankful to Cardinal for developing this property and I'm very blessed to live here."